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Live Life. Have Fun. Be Fit.

And Don’t Forget To Stretch.

I’ve already had 3 compliments this morning about how good I’m looking – figure (butt!), refreshed/healthy – and that NEVER happens around here (at work)… It’s all thanks to my great trainer!!! Thank you so much… I know I’m increasing muscle weight and losing fat ’cause I can feel it. I’m ecstatic!!!

Debbie T., age 60
personal training client (via text)

I feel fortunate to have a trainer with enthusiasm and such a sunny disposition. She understands my fitness goals and she utilizes a wide array of skills to help me achieve them. My fitness plan is comprehensive yet balanced; she sets just the right pace for me. Our hour workout just flies by!

Joan B., age 80
personal training client (via LinkedIn)

I can’t speak highly enough about Mary Beth’s uncanny ability to motivate people to achieve their fitness goals – and then surpass them… Mary Beth was a true partner and coach. She listened to what I wanted and where I was, and then she guided me further than what I thought I could achieve… by firmly and amiably guiding me.

Sanjay H.
personal training client (via LinkedIn)

Mary Beth… has been an amazing trainer! (She) always has a positive attitude, is there to help me 100%, and is extremely knowledgeable… I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a trainer who is passionate about your results, and gets you there with a smile and a can-do attitude. Thank you so much, Mary Beth!

Annika L.
personal training client (via LinkedIn)

You’re the best, Mary Beth. I so love your classes. I always end up feeling so good and supported. Your love comes through! You’ve helped me a lot!

Baylee B.
GIXO Teammate

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